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Play King Daveau's Training Missions to develop the skills you need for your Idea Seeker Role and to earn Team Points!

Rescue Princess Kimma from Ancient Greece and Get Her Home to Sarillion

The Darkness has kept Princess Kimma frozen back in time on the Planet Earth. Help get her back to Planet Sarillion by completing the Training Mission steps below. Ask your team members and other people you see to do this Mission with you. With enough Seekers we can get her back home safely!

Step 1: What Do You Know?

  • Take online quiz here. Make sure you complete this task before moving on to any other steps!

Step 2: Talk with An Ancient Greek Expert

  • Attend a Learning Lab on the Ancient Greek People! Check the What's New on the homepage for latest event listing and see what expert is coming to hang out with you next!

Step 3: Write a Story

  • Do research on Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses using the site here. Learn about the concept of Philotimo here. Then continue to the My Story page once you have done enough research!

Step 4: Design an Ancient Greek Room in Your House

  • Can you make an Ancient Greek room that looks real? Shop for items to make an Ancient Greek Home by going to the Shop for Your House - Furniture Stores - Royal Furniture Store here. Then after you have purchased your items, go to your MY HOUSE button on the top of the page to start designing your Ancient Greek Room.

Step 5: Look like an Ancient Greek!

  • Dress your Avatar as an Ancient Greek citizen. Buy clothes and hair styles to dress like an Ancient Greek by going to the Shop for Your Character - Clothing Stores - Kimma's Care Shop here. Then click on the Character Dress-Up button on the top of the page to start your cool look.

Step 6: Design Your Own Greek Artifact

  • Using Dumonde's Gadget Maker, design your own Ancient Greek home object (rug, vase, statue, pot, etc.). If you are an Idea Seeker, you can post your design right to your homepage for everyone to see how creative you are! If you are an Ally of the Idea Seekers, you can send your gadget to the The user with the best home artifact creation will have their item made for everyone on and will earn a 500 KidsKash prize!

Step 7: Memory Challenge

  • Play It's All Greek To Me trivia game. Can you match the right answer to the question? How many points can you score for your team?

Step 8: Cook Greek Food!

  • Plant crops in your garden, harvest them and then make Ancient Greek recipes. Serve your Greek food to your friends so they can dance! To make this food check out the Greek food recipes in your Snaptastic Kitchen cookbook. You can either grow what you need in your garden or you can buy what you need at the Farmer's Market. Use the My Garden button on the top of the page to get to your garden, from there you can go to your kitchen and click on the cookbook on your kitchen table to see what you have to grow or buy.
    Make lots of food so you can have a great party every day.

Step 9: Throw a Party

  • Group with your friends at your Ancient Greek room to hold an Ancient Greek Dinner Party. Show off your room, talk about what you know, wear the right clothes, serve great food! When you are ready, send a party announcement using the Bulletin Box Ballot on the Beach.

Step 10: Make a Movie

  • Make and submit a video of your Ancient Greek Dinner Party with your friends. Don't know how to make a movie? No problem, watch for a movie class in the What's New postings. If you are an Idea Seeker there is a new feature: you can post your movie right to your own homepage! How cool is that!

Step 11: What Are Your Greek Smarts Now?

  • Take an online quiz here. This is the last step that will complete the Training Mission!
The Top Scoring Teams at the end of the Mission will be rewarded with a Virtual Prize!
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