The Ad Bug
Play King Daveau's Training Missions to develop the skills you need for your Idea Seeker Role and to earn Team Points!

Celebrate Kimma's safe return to Planet Sarillion and get ready to Party!

The Darkness of Dumbness tried to capture Kimma and keep her from getting home to Sarillion. Help her with the Party Planning and Get Ready For a Great Time!

Step 1:

  • Make food in the SnapTastic Kitchen — start by growing ingredients to cook with in your garden. Use your My Garden button on your dashboard. You can grow and harvest in your garden then make lots of party food in the Snaptastic Kitchen. You can also get to the Snaptastic Kitchen from your house.

Step 2:

  • Help Fight the Darkness by using Plant Babies to save kids from getting Cloud Sickness. Spec needs your help!

Step 3:

  • Send Princess Kimma your party ideas on her My Blog on her Home Page. Just go to Princess Kimma's Home Page and click to see her Blog. Leave her your Party planning ideas by responding to her Party Blog post.

Step 4:

  • Send Princess Kimma your party clothes ideas. Dress yourself using the Character Dress Up button on your dashboard (first time Allies choose your role first) and then when you are done, use the Design Idea Seeker Disguises and Outfits! button at the bottom of the page and send her your ideas! You get points for sending in your design and even more points if your design is chosen and made into an outfit to wear!

Step 5:

  • Feed your Plant Baby so they can join you at the Party! Princess Kimma will be bringing her Hope Plant Baby, who are you going to bring? Just go to your My Home Page by clicking on blue link or by clicking on your name on your dashboard and then go to Plant Baby Central by clicking on your Greenhouse! Feed your Plant Baby so they can walk with you in the world. If Princess Kimma sees you with your Plant Baby walking around Planet Sarillion, she is going to give you a gift! What will it be? When will she be there? Hmmm walk with your Plant Baby and see if you get Princess spotted!
The Top Scoring Teams at the end of the Mission will be rewarded with a Virtual Prize!

Congratulations to Last Mission's Top Teams:
  • 1st Place: Team Purple Penguin with a score of 956,811. Their reward is 10,000 Virtual Points!
  • 2nd Place: Team Blue Bird with a score of 774,103. Their reward is 5,000 Virtual Points!
  • 3rd Place: Team Purple Fish with a score of 474,839. Their reward is 2,500 Virtual Points!

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