KidsKash Design Challenge will choose items designed by kids to sell for KidsKash. If your items are chosen, we will get them for free and you will earn KidsKash for each item sold.
  1. Send in your ideas for clothes, furniture or garden decor using these forms. If you don't have a printer, you can draw on plain paper and send it in. Send in by the first day of each month.
    Clothes design form
    Furniture and Garden decor design form

  2. will choose items to create and sell for KidsKash.
    • If your design is chosen, we will send you an e-mail.
    • If your design is chosen, you will get one of each of your items for free to use to show off on your character, in your house or in your garden.

  3. You will earn KidsKash every time someone buys one of the items you designed.
    • You will earn 2 to 9 KidsKash per item (we will tell you how much in the e-mail we send you.)
    • We will credit your account with the KidsKash you have earned each Monday.
    • The items will only be sold for four weeks and then we will restock the KidsKash Store with new items.

  4. You can send in as many designs as you want. We get lots of entries, so not everything you send in will get picked. We will pick what we think other kids will want to buy.

  5. If you need more KidsKash or want KidsKash right away, you can buy KidsKash.