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How the program works  
When you sign up your child to become an Idea Seeker™, they’ll receive an expanded experience!
They’ll have more fun, more learning and be able to collect members-only Plant Babies™ – online helpers that teach personal responsibility and help develop positive character traits like gratitude, courage, confidence, and more.
They’ll become Idea Seekers – and get a customizable Idea Seeker™ Home Page (a safe way for them to socially connect with other kids)
They’ll set up an Idea Seeker™ Store (a great way to learn about buying and selling)
They’ll explore the Idea Seeker™ Universe with learning challenges that support them in reading, writing, math, science, and social skill development.
All the while, kids will earn Virtual Points to buy special items and power-ups for their Plant Babies™. They earn these points by completing games and activities on the site.
Something Special for Parents
When you sign up for a paid membership, you'll receive 8,000 Virtual Points each month for you to give your child.
Reward your child with points when they help you out around the house, or get a high score on a test. You decide!
You can automatically give the 8,000 Virtual Points to your child every month
You can choose to give them out yourself from your Root ‘n Reward account. View the Demo
Your kids will love getting Virtual Points, and you’ll be sure to get a “Thank You” in return.
Your child may think it’s all fun and games, but as a parent you can be sure that your child’s online experience on will be educational as well. Kids who become Idea Seekers spend their time online in a safe and educational environment. There are hours of fun, engaging learning and character-trait building activities available only to Idea Seeker™ members. has teamed up with several universities to develop even more fun, educational content for kids and parents.

For more than 11 years, has provided an entertaining. educational and safe community for kids to Play Smart, Stay Safe, Have Fun™. With over 500,000 site users each month and Idea Seeker members from more than 120 countries, parents trust to provide hours of fun, engaging learning and character-trait building activities, featuring the Idea Seekers virtual pet helpers, the Plant Babies.

Visit our Circle 1 Network family of sites: is part of the Circle 1 Network family of sites. Combining learning with laughing and growing by sharing, Circle 1 Network specializes in Web sites for parents and teachers looking for appropriate and educational online play to capture the interest of kids of all ages.

Kids and parents gather on our unique online communities. They have fun while they learn, and they learn while they play.

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