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Confidence Plant Baby

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For more than eleven (11) years, has been striving to create safe, educational and entertaining electronic playgrounds for kids 8 to 15. In that time, kids, parents and teachers from more than 120 countries around the world have joined us. Our mission is to give kids a voice to the world and to each other around the world through a variety of engaging activities.

Anyone can play on It is free and Idea Seeker registration is not required. Some areas of the site, however, are reserved for registered Idea Seeker Members who have obtained their parent's permission. follows the FTC guidelines for compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and Rule.

No personal information provided to by its registered Idea Seeker Members is sold or rented to any third parties.

Idea Seeker Registration

Who needs to register?
Idea Seeker registration is not required to play on and explore much of Registering as a Kid is only required for kids who want to chat on, earn KidsKash for cool stuff in the Loot Locker, answer KidsKash Questions, join the Find a KeyPal program, adopt and care for a Plant Baby, and be included in other special activities and promotions. does not require, as a condition of participation, any Kid to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary for them to participate in an activity. An enhanced membership is available to participate in the Root ‘n Reward program. This paid membership provides kids and parents with even more content and activity access.

What info is collected?
When a visitor to wants to post something on the site (like on our monitored message boards or weekly creative writing challenges), we ask kids to provide info that is not personally identifiable (first name only, age and the country they live in). This information is included with their posted content and not used for any other purposes. All postings to are screened by adult staff members before appearing on the site to help ensure children's online safety and privacy. Users are not allowed to post any personally identifiable information.

When a kid wants to become a registered Kid, we ask them to provide the following information:

  • Child's first and last name
  • Child's date of birth
  • Child's gender and country
  • Child's e-mail address
  • Parent or guardian's e-mail address
This information is requested regardless of the age of the child. If kids would like to participate in KidsChat or KeyPal, it is required that they print out the registration form, have their parent or guardian sign it, and then mail or fax it to us as verification of parental consent to participate in these activities. uses this information to create and maintain separate Idea Seeker registration records for each child. E-mail addresses are used to communicate with Kids and their parents about activity on the site and other features. Gender and country are asked to help us develop the most appropriate content for our visitors. None of this information is sold or rented to any third parties.

We encourage parents to be involved with all of their child's online activities.

Registered Idea Seeker Members who have their parent's permission to be in the Find a KeyPal Program, also can share their favorite TV show and music group, their hobbies and what they want to be in the future. This information is shared only with other kids and during the search process of the Find a KeyPal program. Answering these questions is optional.

All personal information collected on is done so directly from the parent or child.

The site may contain links to sites of sponsors and advertisers whose privacy policy and practices are different than our own. It is important for visitors to always review a site's privacy policy before releasing any personal information. This includes content and promotions featured on the site. At no time will release any personal information we collect to a third-party site without permission of parents or guardians. uses every means available to safeguard the personal information of our Idea Seeker Members and site visitors, including a secure physical location and a protected electronic environment.

What areas on requre Idea Seeker registration? KidsChat-Kids can chat on the fully monitored KidsChat seven days a week, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. central time Sunday through Thursday, and 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday & Saturday. All conversations are monitored as they happen by's staff of trained adult chat monitors. Private messaging between kids is not allowed. Kids are not permitted to share any information that will personally identify them. If they do share personally identifiable information or ask another kid for that information, they will be kicked off KidsChat.

Idea Seeker Plant Babies™ - Registered kids can sprout and care for their very own Idea Seeker Plant Babies. Kids earn virtual points by playing certain educational games and fun activities on the site. Kids then use their virtual points to take care of the needs of their Plant Babies. To allow kids of all ages to participate, different Plant Babies require different levels of skill, care and attention. Idea Seeker Plant Babies help kids fight the Darkness of Dumbness and the Clouds of Chaos.

Root 'n Root ‘n Reward gives parents and educators the tools to encourage and motivate kids, and reward their accomplishments along the way, whether doing their homework, getting better grades, or helping out around the house. Teach them responsibility, respect and goal-setting while instilling character-trait building skills through this inspiring and easy-to-use program.

Find a KeyPal Program-This program, popular with classroom teachers, allows kids to find electronic pen pals from around the world. Only kids with a parent's permission can participate in the program. When kids search for a KeyPal, they'll be given the first name, hometown and country of their KeyPal, plus an e-mail address and other fun facts kids have provided (such as favorite TV show or music group, hobbies, etc.). Kids can have as many KeyPals as they want, but this information is given out just one child at a time to prevent anyone from getting a large number of names at once. This is the only area on where a child's e-mail address is allowed to be shared. We strongly encourage parents to responsibly monitor their child's e-mail activities.

KidsKash Points and the Loot Locker-Registered kids can earn KidsKash Points by playing educational games or getting involved in other areas of the site. These points can be redeemed in our Loot Locker, a collection of kids' merchandise and services contributed by a variety of companies (those companies have no access to Idea Seeker registration information). Idea Seeker registration is required for earning KidsKash Points so we can accurately track each child's point totals.

KidsKash Questions-Registered Kids can participate in occasional surveys in this area, which we use to gauge kids opinions on social, educational and marketing issues and topics. The responses from KidsKash Questions help guide our development of and let us understand the topics that are on kids' minds. They also help other companies learn about kids. The results of all surveys we do are always reported in general, or aggregate, terms. We never break down the information to a point where individual children could be identified.

We do not release, sell or in any way provide the names or identities of Kids to any marketers. We do not now and we never have.

Does use cookies?

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that Web sites place on your computer to keep track of some information. On, cookies do not store any personally identifiable information about you. You do not have to accept the cookies. In most cases, everything will work fine (just a little slower) if you do not accept the cookies. However, to earn KidsKash Points while playing some games on you need to accept cookies.

Where are cookies used on
Cookies are used in two ways on only uses cookies with registered users and does so only to improve the site functionality for registered users or where it is necessary to complete a particular activity. First, cookies are used to keep log-in information in some areas so that registered users can access the site faster. These cookies contain a unique ID number so you can get into areas faster, instead of waiting for our computer to sort through all the different people in our records. These cookies do not track any of your other online activities and do not contain any personally identifiable information. These cookies expire after a certain amount of time and delete themselves from your computer.
Second, cookies are used during some games and activities on These are used only when registered users play games for KidsKash Points to keep track of your score. The cookie is created at the beginning of the game. When the game is over, the cookie deletes itself. These cookies do not store any personal information about you and do not track any of your other online activities.
Some of our advertisers may use cookies on our site. requires those partners to be in full compliance with federal guidelines for children's online safety and privacy. Those cookies cannot be used to collect any personal information from our users.

How can parents update and delete info? Kids and parents can view, correct, update and delete personal information provided in the Idea Seeker registration process at any time. They will need the registered child's first name, last name, date of birth and password. Visit the Idea Seeker registration update page at for more information.

Parents can prevent further collection or use of their child's personal information by deleting that child's registration on the Idea Seeker registration update page at or by unsubscribing the child from the News newsletter by following the directions contained in the newsletter.

Who can parents contact if they have more questions?
If you have any additional questions or concerns about, please contact the staff. Click here to send an e-mail message to KidsCom. is published by Circle 1 Network. Our offices are at 131 West Seeboth Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53204.

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