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Announcement from King Daveau!

Congratulations to the 1st Place Team in the Team Challenge - Team Pink Panda Bear - Idea Seeker Team Leaders Lauren Pie and Daisy Kurt & Team Fans Fuji Dragon and Arielle Humble. They're headed to Washington, DC on planet Earth and will also be rewarded with a handheld GPS device!

And congratulations to the second, third and fourth place teams who also won prizes!
Each Team Leader is awarded a prize pack including:
  • Plush Frog
  • Hope Plant Baby Keychain
  • 5 Plant Baby Reward Cards (worth 1000 VPs each)
  • 5 pencils

  • Clair Gymnastics Viola Mabelle Lauren Duck
    Kimma Brid Hana Rogue Mirabelle Viola

    These Fans from the second, third and fourth place teams are being rewarded with a 3-month Idea Seeker Subscription!!!

    Truthful Grady Mami Spec Fox Roxane
    Sunberry Sarah Elija Bashful Leah Aries

    Also, everyone on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams will receive a Royal Palace Spa virtual item that will power up your Plant Baby for 5 days!

    King Daveau wants to reward everyone who participated in the Team Challenge! He is giving everyone who played a Team Challenge medallion that will fully power up your Plant Baby for 1 day!

    Everyone who participated helped defeat the Clouds of Chaos, and King Daveau thanks everyone for their efforts!

    Remember, team symbols are not going away, so keep earning Virtual Points by playing the Expeditions to keep the Clouds on the run!

    Don't forget to come to the send-off party on April 16 at the Restaurant to send the 1st Place team off to Washington DC!

    To Find out More Go To These Areas:

    Join a Team — Continue to Play for Fun and Practice
    Rewards and Prizes — For the Teams that do the most to fight the Clouds
    Sarillion Monitor — Find out what is happening and get Tips and Tricks on fighting the Clouds
    Planet Status — See how your actions affect Sarillion's climate
    Viewscreen — Learn more about the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos
    Idea Seeker Adventures — Check out what Idea Seekers who have already been sent to Earth did and learned

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