Root 'n Reward Motivate your students!
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Free Accounts For You & All Your Students

Introducing... Root 'n Reward!

Here's What You Get:
  • You get a FREE Root 'n Reward account to individually message your students.

  • Your account is assigned 100,000 Virtual Points, which you can then send to your students as you see fit. If you run out, just contact us to get more.

  • Your students can use the Virtual Points to take care of their Plant Babies, buy items for their eco-friendly House, and buy plants for their Garden, which supports nutrition education.

  • You get monthly updates about and ideas and resources to use with your students.

Enhance your students' online educational experience with FREE Root 'n Reward messaging. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can communicate individually with your students to guide and mentor them, and thank them for their hard work.
Encourage Kids Encourage kids and keep them motivated
Each message sends your students Virtual Points, which they can only claim after they respond to you. Virtual Points deepen the students' online experience as they use them to buy more plants for their gardens, eco-friendly furniture for their House, and care for Plant Babies, online virtual friends that represent character education traits such as Patience, Persistence, Confidence, Hope and Humor.

Ready to sign up?

Educators - please email or call 1-866-272-7742 to receive a login and password to use to access the protected registration.
To go on a guided Virtual Tour, click here.
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