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Buy great gifts for your friends and get KidsKash for you!

Find and buy a gift for your friend by clicking on any link on this page and you get KidsKash as a reward! Use KidsKash to buy special items to decorate your House and Garden. Find out more about KidsKash.

Featured Gift
FashionPlaytes makes a great gift for girls Design and order clothes that get shipped right to your door! Choose from t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, leggings and more and then add ribbon, ruffles, and rhinestones. Finally, design a custom label for your new fashion collection.

FashionPlaytes gift certificates make great gifts for girls 5-12 years.

More Great Birthday Gifts

FurReal Friends Lulu's Walking Kitty - $19.96

Great gift for girls 6-12.

Zhu Zhu Pets - Hamster 2-Pack Bundle - $15

Choose any 2 Zhu Zhu Pets.

Great gift for kids 6-12.

3-Month Idea Seeker Membership Gift Certificate - $15.75

Great gift for kids 8-14.

Just My Style Friendship Bracelets Kit - $10.00

Great gift for girls 6-12.
The Best Birthday Gift I Got...

Page Name - 9 - USA - Stuffed animals there so cuddley and cute!

Stan Winds - 11 - USA - Toys and clothes.

Casey Smock - 13 - USA - To be a Seeker.

What's the best gift you got at your last birthday? Tell us!

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Purchase a gift from iTunes and get 100 KidsKash.

National Wildlife Federation

Purchase a gift from National Wildlife Federation and get 100 KidsKash.


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Fashion Playtes

Purchase a gift from Fashion Playtes and get 100 KidsKash.

custom fashion for girls

Purchase a gift from Macy and get 100 KidsKash.

Purchase a gift from Delia and get 100 KidsKash.


Purchase a gift from Vans and get 100 KidsKash.


Purchase a gift from FootAction and get 100 KidsKash.

Buy Costumes

Purchase a gift from Buy Costumes and get 100 KidsKash.


Purchase a gift from Catherine's and get 100 KidsKash.

Fashion Bug

Purchase a gift from Fashion Bug and get 100 KidsKash.


Purchase a gift from Justice and get 100 KidsKash.


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Wal Mart

Purchase a gift from Wal Mart and get 100 KidsKash.


Purchase a gift from and get 100 KidsKash.

Purchase a gift from Kmart and get 100 KidsKash.


Purchase a gift from Sears and get 100 KidsKash.


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Purchase a gift from CompUSA and get 100 KidsKash.

Electronics Expo

Purchase a gift from Electronics Expo and get 100 KidsKash.


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Office Depot

Purchase a gift from Office Depot and get 100 KidsKash.


Purchase a gift from OfficeMax and get 100 KidsKash.

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Purchase a gift from K'Nex and get 100 KidsKash.

Wal Mart

Purchase a gift from Wal Mart and get 100 KidsKash.


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